New guidance for net neutrality… – News

The new guidance aims to support innovation, investment and growth, by content suppliers, broadband and mobile companies

Ofcom has decided to revise its guidance on how net neutrality rules should apply in
Great Britain.

It is Ofcom’s responsibility to oversee and monitor compliance with net neutrality
regulations and to offer instructions on how broadband and mobile service providers
should do it.

Since the current rules were introduced in 2016, significant progress has been made
changes in the online world, including an increase in capacity demand, the advent of
several significant content providers, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, and emerging technologies,
including the implementation of 5G. To ensure that net neutrality continues
serve everyone’s interests, Ofcom has carried out this review.

Internet consumers, not their broadband or mobile provider, should be in control of what
they do online, according to the principle of net neutrality. So, while still important to promote consumer choice, Ofcom is calling for greater clarity in its rules so that broadband and mobile service providers can: provide premium broadband or mobile packages;
develop new “specialized services” that can support applications such as virtual reality and
driverless cars; and use “traffic management techniques” to prevent network congestion.

In addition, Ofcom offers recommendations for broadband providers on how to prioritise
and zero-cost access to emergency services, enable parental controls and restrict internet
traffic on trains and planes.

Ofcom claims this revised net neutrality guidance will support innovation,
investment and growth, by content providers, broadband and mobile companies.

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